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Water Features in Westerville

Quality landscaping can do wonders for your Westerville property. If it’s a residential property, not only can a beautiful landscape boost your home’s value, it can also provide an essential place of rest and relaxation. And if you own a commercial property, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can’t reap these same benefits. When a business has high curb appeal, it’s more inviting to clients and you can expect higher productivity when your employees have a pleasant outdoor area to recharge their batteries mid-day.

To maximize the tranquility of your Westerville property’s landscape, you should consider installing a water feature. Is there anything more relaxing the soft bubbling of a stream or being able to pause and watch fish swim? As far as the team at Outdoor Escapes Landscape Construction, LLC is concerned, there isn’t.

Outdoor Escapes Landscape Construction, LLC has been installing water features big and small all over the Westerville area for several years. If you are contemplating adding a water feature to your landscape, you need to choose us install it. Even though a water feature will have a soul-soothing effect on your landscape when it’s complete, the design and installation process can be a real headache if you don’t have any experience. Lucky for you, we have more experience creating water features than any other landscape design company in the area.

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Types of Waters Features

One of the great things about getting Outdoor Escapes Landscape Construction, LLC to create your water feature is that we aren’t married to a single style. We have been lucky to create a myriad of different types of water features, which means we are comfortable creating something totally unique to best serve your landscape’s esthetics. If you have an idea in mind already, please feel free to give us a call and start discussing it. If you are looking for some water feature inspiration, take a look at the common types of water features we have installed in the past.

  • Reflecting Pools. Designed to be decorative features with walking surface that overhang their edges all the way around normally located next to a landscape feature that is vividly reflected in the glassy surface of the water.
  • Ornamental Pools. Located usually near a deck or a patio, these are designed around an ornamental piece like a statue or a fountain.
  • Water Gardens. Filled with aquatic plant life full of vibrant colors and textures that even more life to your garden.
  • Like fountains, waterfalls add sound, motion and vitality to your landscape. Created normally with natural stone slabs or boulders, waterfalls captivate interest as they dance and flow.
  • Perfect for properties that allow for meandering along paths, walkways and even decks.

No matter what you have in mind for your landscape’s new water feature, we guarantee that our experienced team can get it done at an affordable rate.

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